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Bought from Mr Veitch and Mr Moir after the First World War, Veitch Moir has been owned and managed by the same family for four generations.  The Company has evolved to meet markest needs and to use best the skills and qualifications of its workforce.  In the early days it was a producer, importer and distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables to the South, East and North of Scotland, including the Shetland Islands.  It diversified into the distribution of industrial protective clothing and North Sea oil rig supply.  More recent activities include farming in England, wine importing and distribution, pub operation and the restoration and conversion of ancient Sussex barns.  The drone business and new media enterprise started in the early 2000s.

While the European Parliament and the press choose to use the term ‘drones’, the international aviation regulating organizations opt for the terms ‘remotely pilted aircraft’ (RPA) and ‘remotely piloted aircraft system’ (RPAS) since these terms emphasise that the RPA is at all times under control of a human pilot - albeit in a remote location.  This approach is consistent with current international law.  The top level international entity, the International Civil Aviation Organization, is not considering autonomous aircraft, which it defines as aircraft which are incapable of human intervention.

Veitch Moir identified the exploitation of RPAS and new media as business opportunities in the early 2000s.  Staff were trained and an application made to the UK CAA for approval to operate commercially with a small RPAS.  In 2007, Veitch Moir was able to operate RPAS commercially under the UK CAA regulation CAP722.  By this time, the new media activites were well established.

A key issue in the exploitation of innovative (some say in this case ‘disruptive’) technology is the balancing of the costs of safety arrangements with the delivery of safe operations.  Safety is paramount.  But it is important for economically efficient exploitation that the costs of safety arrangements are sufficient to deliver the required level of safety but are not excessive.  This has been a significant focus for Veitch Moir as we have been seeking to deliver both safe operations and best value for money.  We have devoted significant effort into research and development and have produced papers which have influenced the thinking of aviation safety authorities.

Veitch Moir’s many years of experience with unmanned systems and RPAS positions it well to help other people and companies establish and improve their own businesses in the sector through consultancy.  Veitch Moir’s principal consultant has an MBA and many years of practice of strategic innovation, change management and the integration and exploitation of new technologies.


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